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  • Points Reduction.

  • Ticket Dismissal.

  • License Restoration.

  • Fine Reduction.

Defensive Driving/DUI Classes

We offer a Georgia Department of Driver Services Certified 6-Hour Defensive Driving Course. This class may be mandated by the court for various moving violations. Completing this program can also have many benefits as well. Georgia DDS  sets the cost at $95 and the duration at 6 hours. Cost includes workbook.

We also offer a 6-Hour Insurance Premium Reduction Course. 

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The program provides a learning environment in which the student will be taught advanced driving/safety skills and knowledge from our friendly and experienced experts with state provided resources. The student will receive a Georgia DDS Certified Certificate of Completion upon completion of the Defensive Driving Course.

There are many benefits in completing a Defensive Driving Course:

  • Points Reduction - Once every five years an individual may remove up to seven points from their license.

  • Ticket Dismissal - Some Georgia State judges may dismiss or not process a ticket for a moving violation.

  • License Restoration - Some individuals may have their license restored after completing the Defensive Driving Course.

  • Fine Reduction - Some courts may permit an offender to complete the Defensive Driving Course which may result in the reduction of the fine.

Payment accepted includes PayPal and Cash on arrival.

Insurance Premium Reductions


Georgia Law O.C.G.A. 33-9-42 states that a reduction of not less than 10% in insurance premiums shall be available to licensed drivers 25 years of age or older, provided that they have a clean driving record and successfully complete a defensive driving course of not less than 6 hours. You must consult with your insurance agency if under 25 years of age.

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